Our partners

Internet service providers (ISPs) and other organizations which connect their networks at an Internet exchange point (IXP) benefit from cheaper local bandwidth, faster local access, improved resilience, co-ordinated engineering and a reduction in transit and infrastructure costs.

IXPs allow ISPs to exchange their traffic - so an email from a customer of ISP 'A' can reach a customer of ISP 'B' through the IXP at which A and B connect their networks. Similarly, a customer of ISP 'B' can access a website hosted by a customer of ISP 'A' because the data can flow swiftly and cost-effectively between the networks of the two ISPs through the connections made at an IXP.

Local partners/clients

Fiber-Sat (ASN : 136454, IP Address :


Insta Telecom (ASN : 55424, IP Address :


CeReTechs Co Ltd (ASN : 7494, IP Address :


Etisalat (ASN: 131284, IP Address:


Ministry of Communication & IT (ASN : 58469, IP Address :